Trust me

I have always enjoyed making up stories, and I’m told it started early. Apparently, I talked so much as a preschooler that my great grandfather was sure I was going to be a politician.

Well, I’m not a politician, and we’re all better off for it! 😀

It would be a short career…

I have always wanted to write seriously, but life somehow kept getting in the way. However, I’m getting older and there’s no time like the present. So, as a reluctantly responsible adult, I am now juggling writing along with everything else.

At least I’m not at the pub.

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About Nathan Rogers

I write science fiction and fantasy for both children and adults, but my first publications are fun children’s fantasy adventures called A Song for Old Nel and The Island. I live in New Zealand with my lovely wife, our two feisty kids, a deranged border collie, and a cat. The cat thinks that she is in charge. She is probably right.
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