I blame my schooling

When I was 11 years old, my favourite teacher Mrs Rose helped me publish my first book. I wrote up each page in my best handwriting and Mrs Rose sewed it all together. I remember standing in the classroom proudly holding that little book in my hands when it was done.

Incredibly, my mother kept that school project all these years. It’s not much, but here it is, in all its retro brown vinyl glory!

I’ll always remember my first

To be honest, I didn’t remember anything about what was in the book until I looked through it.

We only had one computer in the whole school

Careful what you wish for, kid…

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About Nathan Rogers

I write science fiction and fantasy for both children and adults, but my first publications are fun children’s fantasy adventures called A Song for Old Nel and The Island. I live in New Zealand with my lovely wife, our two feisty kids, a deranged border collie, and a cat. The cat thinks that she is in charge. She is probably right.
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