Here we go again

Well, it’s 2019 already and that’s good. I think. Not that we have any choice in the matter. I hope you all had some time off over the holiday period and managed to enjoy yourselves, because now it’s back to what passes for normality. The second half of 2018 was… Read more

I blame my schooling

When I was 11 years old, my favourite teacher Mrs Rose helped me publish my first book. I wrote up each page in my best handwriting and Mrs Rose sewed it all together. I remember standing in the classroom proudly holding that little book in my hands when it was… Read more

Trust me

I have always enjoyed making up stories, and I’m told it started early. Apparently, I talked so much as a preschooler that my great grandfather was sure I was going to be a politician. Well, I’m not a politician, and we’re all better off for it! 😀 I have always… Read more