They are always watching

My inbox has been flooded with GDPR messages since the end of May and I’m sure it’s the same for everyone. Sometimes it feels like every website I’ve ever visited is sending me an email to let me know they have updated their privacy policy and that now everything is all right, don’t worry, we can trust them.

Even non-EU websites and services seem to be getting on board, but I suppose it’s just easier (and cheaper) for them to treat everyone the same no matter where they are located.

Still, even through it’s a bit of a hassle, being handed some level of control over our personal data can only be a good thing, given the history of some companies.

They know more about you than you do

It’s also a reminder to take a look at the “privacy” settings offered by the various social media networks. Remember, everything is ON by default!

And, if you ever want to become truly paranoid, check out how much Facebook really does know about you…

Facebook – Accessing & Downloading Your Information

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